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Beams 4 U is a London-based specialist of beam and block flooring for the construction industry. We design, manufacture and supply customised beam and blocks throughout the United Kingdom. We are a provider of high-quality concrete beam, blocks & flooring services tailored to your requirements at a reasonable cost. We stock concrete beams and have a sale of beams and concrete blocks most of the times for standard sizes. We mix concrete onsite, provide concrete pump and experienced people to handle concrete. We do not waste concrete mixture. You will pay for what you use.

    We design and model pre-cast concrete beams with 150 mm depth and also offer traditional beam & block and beam & pot flooring systems catering to your needs.

    Pre-cast concrete beam and block - What we offer:

    • Quick to Install -no skills required and easy to lay .
    • All Weather Construction -can be mounted and set-up in adverse weather conditions .
    • Suited for Restricted Site Access - ideal for developments with restricted access.
    • Sound Insulation -includes structural sound insulators in design for noise reduction.
    • Durability -resistance to fire, draught and corrosion free .
    • Reliable Cost -we provide affordable cost regardless of site conditions.
    • Design Flexibility -we provide design service and working layouts varied to the requirement.
Concrete Blocks and Pots